Windows Xp Professional 5 1 Build 2600

Service Fingerprinting As the virtual machine comes pre-configured with a static IP address of I loaded up Metasploit [msfconsole] and began an Nmap scan with the sV flags to fingerprint the discovered services: Starting Nmap 7. Nmap scan report for Host is up 0.
windows xp professional 5 1 build 2600

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V1 Client – Win7 Dual-Homed: You will also notice that I do some things which aren’t really necessary but again this is just an opportunity to look at a variety of techniques which are at the disposal of the attacker. Below you can see a network diagram which should help you understand the obstacles we will have to overcome to reach our objectives please forgive my poor Gimp skills!

V1 Client Side Foothold Like I said before sophisticated attackers have had great success at using client side attacks to gain entry to the corporate network. Exploits such as the recent Java JMX bug offer such powerful weapons to the attacker with remote code execution across multiple browsers and operating systems. Time to launch our attack on the corporate network.

First we will serve up the Java JMX exploit on our attackers box and then we will try to entice a poor employee to visit our malicious website. This must be an address on the local machine or 0. All we need to do now is trick the unsuspecting user V1 into browsing to our website. Obviously this crude attempt won’t get us very far but you get the idea right.

A motivated attacker can obfuscate the link and craft a mail that looks like it comes from a trusted source or supply a seemingly compelling reason to visit the website.

This will be the starting point for our infrastructure scenario. Keep-Alive Content-Length: Trident OS: Windows 7 6. Channel 1 created. Microsoft Windows [Version 6. All rights reserved. Connection-specific DNS Suffix. Link-local IPv6 Address. As we can see from the meterpreter session our host is dual-homed and will likely give us access to additional non routable hosts on the corporate network.

It also gives me the opportunity to showcase to cool tricks: First we will set up a web server to host our shell and then we will use powershell to download and execute our payload. Ok now lets log back into our original meterpreter sessions and use powershell to download our files and execute our payload. DownloadFile ‘http: As a final step in setting up our forward base of attack we will scan the internal non routable network for live hosts and add a route to that network in metasploit so we can pivot our attacks.

That same diligence is generally not applied to the internal network for a variety of reasons. Upgrading OS’es costs allot of money, patching may cause downtime no one is willing to sign off on and generally people consider the internal network to be a safe place. Since we added a route to the corporate network in msf we can now forward our traffic through V1 to the non routable hosts. You could tunnel out the port and browse to the site or look at the raw dump when enumerating with amap but I leave that up to the diligent reader to play with.

It literally took me five minutes start to finish to launch a debugger on a test system, look for the appropriate addresses on SP1 and modify the exploit in metasploit accordingly. Operation failed: The parameter is incorrect. Access is denied. At this point there are a couple of things we could do. We will be doing something a bit more complicated though to demonstrate the power of ssh tunneling.

This example is a bit contrived but there are cases where ssh tunneling will save you skin. Since V1 can route connections to our attacker and to V2 we will be using V1 as the bridge for our tunnel.

First start your ssh server on BackTrack. It will look like you drop out of metasploit back into a terminal but thats normal since you opening a ssh shell. Tunnel Syntax: Sat Jan 19 First we will identify the opperating system to verify the tunnel works could also be done with nmap script scan or enum4linux and then we will launch a meterpreter bind payload through the tunnel. English name: RecordInvalid Validation failed: We won’t get as shell as we are launching the attack on our localhost but lets go back to our tunnel, close it and background till we are back in msfconsole.

V3 Legacy Server For our final host we will look at another common issue on internal networks. Often a workstation or server is installed and then a snapshot is taken so the configuration can easily be replicated to other hosts. This is of course a major issue! When we compromise a host and dump the password hashes of the users we can use those to try to authenticated to other hosts on the network.

Lets try to use the hashes we recovered from V2 to authenticate against V3. Game Over

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You can replace the binary, restart the service and get system. We are interested in services where permissions are:

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Two Social Pacifiers ; free download windows xp professional 5 1 build always are the machine of dealing your expertise fire to the content fish. (1) I was setting up some infrastructure tests in my home lab so I might as well . gzip, deflate User-Agent: Mozilla/ (compatible; MSIE ; Windows NT ; . There is already an exploit present for Kolibri in metasploit but it only supports XP SP3. B33F-URLVV9CUV5 OS: Windows XP (Build , Service Pack 1). Build. understand? XP Home/PRO are the same operating system, home edition just has things disabled or hidden.

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