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This program has really come on since its freeware days. What excellent results. I’m also surprised how you can even convert say for example an xvid at
what does convertxtodvd do

ConvertXtoDVD Review and Best Alternatives

Other quick links Batch conversion51 Burn another copy The tabs under this preview preview lead to most available editing options. You’re all set! Now, to make the most of the software and to customize your video to your exact needs, you can go deeper and edit your file s in a simple way. For an overview of all available options, check out the guides below: File Project: New Project: Start a new project from scratch.

A new project is automatically created with saved settings preloaded when ConvertXtoDVD is first started. Load Project: Load a saved project ect that you previously worked on. This will allow you to continue where you left off without restarting from the beginning and without setting up all the options you may have already configured.

Do not change the location of the source file s ; otherwise, loading of project will be unsuccessful. The project saves only the file location, not the file itself. The project file name is saved with file extension. When you load a saved project into a actual created project, everything is replaced by by the settings and content of this previous saved project. Save Project: Clicking this will save directly a new project or an existing project with all the source file locations and customized settings.

The first time you save a project you will be asked choose the location on where you want to save your project and also you are asked to provide a project name. ConvertXtoDVD provides a default project name: My DVD. Save Project as.. Clicking this will save a project with all the source file locations and customized settings. You will be asked to provide a project name. The project file name is automatically saved with file extension.

You can choose the location on where you want your project saved. Add video file: Select the video file you want to convert and it will be added to the Tree View window. It will be shown as Titleset 1, followed by estimated time duration and file file name.

Every additional file added will have the next titleset number incremented, e. Titleset 2, 3, etc. DVD specification allows only a maximum of 99 titlesets to be added. Merge more files to this titleset: Joins several files together so they they will play seamlessly as one titleset. More details are further explained in Merge window editing topic. Once a video file is added, select it highlight the Titleset and click on o this function to merge another file to it.

For quick access, this function function is also available in the “Merge” Tab under the Preview. Remove title: Remove the selected titleset in the Tree View window from the current project. The original file still exists on your hard drive. For quick access, this function is also available in the Toolbar and via context menu by right clicking on the Titleset node. Batch conversion: Action Edit Titleset: Starts or cancels the conversion of your project. Same function as the button in the middle of the Main menu window.

Pause conversion: Pause ause the conversion at any time during the conversion process. When no conversion is happening this option is grayed out. Conversion priority: The higher the conversion priority level, the quicker the task will be done but the slower the response for other processes. Enabled only when there’s a conversion in process. Shutdown PC when finished: Check this option if you want ConvertXtoDVD to shut down your computer automatically when the conversion has finished.

Close program when finished: Minimize to tray icon: Hides the actual display display of the program and show only as a icon in the tray bar.

Move title up: Move a selected titleset up one position in the Tree View window. The titleset number will be decremented by one. Titleset Titleset 2 now becomes Titleset 1. Enables only when 1 Titleset 2 and above is selected and there are at least 2 titlesets in the project, or 2 conversion has not started. This function is also available via context menu by right-clicking right clicking on the Titleset Title node. Move title down: Move a selected titleset down one position in the Tree View window.

The titleset number will be incremented by one. Titleset 1 now becomes Titleset 2. Enables only when 1 the next-to-last last titleset is selected and there are at least 2 titlesets in the project, or 2 conversion has not started. This function is also available via context menu by right-clicking right clicking on the Titleset node.

Burn an already converted project burn an already DVD video structure: The fully finished result is inside this folder Note: ISO file burning with the following limitation: The user still select a folder, and if this folder contain an ISO file, it’ll it’ be used in priority.

If the folder contains several ISO files, the first one will be used. Disabled only when there’s a conversion. If there is a “tick” in front of Preview or Log, then they are displayed in the software windows.

The Log is the history of all the software’s actions. Help Online guide: An internet connection is required. Online Help: This will direct you into the VSO website where you find several options. Open log file: Will open a text document usually opened with the standard Windows application Notepad containing all the log files of your conversions.

The most recent conversion is found at the top of the file. All log files are automatically saved by the software. All conversions are recorded, saved and stored for you by the software.

Log files are stored here C: You will also find crash logs in this location. Check for update: Manually check if a new version is available at the VSO website. If a new version is available click on the download link on the VSO website. You do not need to uninstall the software before installing a newer version, but you do need to close ConvertXtoDVD on your computer if it is open before installing the latest version. Enter license key: See topic http: Brings you directly to the VSO Shopping page where you can buy a license key.

Entering a license key unblocks the software by removing the watermark that is on the trial version. License keys are sent by email immediately after the payment is received.

Provides information about – the program, its version number and drivers used in the program – whether the software is registered or a trial version General Settings The general settings are the settings that will be applied to your video files and projects by default.

It is recommended to modify these settings before adding any videos to your project. These settings will be overwritten by setting made in the Tabs under the preview window.

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Convert, Edit, Cut, your DVD videos with DVD Converter Convert in 1 Click 1. Insert your video(s). Use either one of the buttons to browse for your files. You can. The software supports an array of formats from different devices that can be converted to DVD. The ConvertXtoDVD key is available for downloading the. There are a couple of programs out there, free and paid, that can convert videos to ConvertXtoDVD 5 has been designed for both novice and.

convertxtodvd will not burn

You just convert them to a compatible format, create an ISO image, and Don’t go: ConvertXtoDVD’s compact console holds a tree view, a small but effective preview window, and a Convert button, as well as a menu bar, log view, and a suite of control icons. The other half of the program’s interface consists of a properties dialog with three rows of tabs for configuring everything from background skins to chapter headings.

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I lost my license key, can you send it again? In our support section you will find the option to retrieve your license key. Please use this link to have your new address added in our database automatically:

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In this post, we tend to share the introduction and review about ConvertXtoDVD. If you need more choices, you can learn the best alternatives of. So, how do you exactly record videos on a DVD? Once finished, ConvertXtoDVD will have created a DVD compliant set of videos, ready to. Hi, i have been using convertxtodvd for at least 2 years. Then about 2 days ago, it decided to stop burning to my dvd, it converts the avi files no.

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