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Pro edition of MemTest86 pre-installed and ready to use for the flash drive option Support for booting on the UEFI platform An extensive user guide with simple step-by-step instructions for using MemTest86 to diagnose and troubleshoot PC memory problems Free software updates for 12 months Detailed instructions for using MemTest86 to safely over-clock your PC All online orders are done securely, your personal details will never be disclosed and orders will be processed in under 12 hours usually immediately. Site Edition Licensing Site Edition covers an unlimited number of users within a single organization in a single country. Upgrades Upgrades are free for 12 months after a purchase. After the 12 months period you can purchase additional support to continue to get new software. You can login here to get the latest download or extend support.
memtest86 pro

Memtest86 Pro 8.0.1000 (CD/USB)

Features include: More detailed reporting of errors. Full command line control, allowing automated testing or periodic testing. Option to automatically spawn multiple copies of MemTest when this is needed to test all available RAM. Errors are logged to disk so that you can send an official error report to whomever you bought the RAM from. Also, if the machine crashes or is shut down you can read the log to see what happened.

A “nice” mode which allows you to test RAM in the background during normal use of the machine. It does not pause every time an error is found, so it can be used to determine if failures are correlated with some secondary factor, such room temperature or 3D gaming, rather than just as a tool that determines if there are any errors at all. It can be run without the “first time user” messages. This version can be run on any PC and does not require any sort of installation.

This is a great disk for computer technicians. It also uses the rate that memory is checked as a basic speed benchmark. This can be useful if you are trying different BIOS settings. To speed delivery we suggest you order the Deluxe version delivered electronically via email. Only order a physical CD if you are unable to burn a CD on your computer. Order via Paypal: Select the button corresponding to the version you wish to purchase and desired method of delivery.

International orders requesting media we recommend choosing email delivery instead, listed above Note for international orders: The price for international orders requesting media is higher to cover shipping and handling.

If you order email delivery instead, there is no extra charge whether you are inside or outside the USA.

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The MemTest86 Flash drive & Pro download includes: Pro edition of MemTest86 pre-installed and ready to use (for the flash drive option); Support for booting on. MemTest Pro, $5: delivered via email. The Pro version is a Windows program that extends the free version. It is tuned to the needs of users who diagnose the. MemTest · Download · Purchase Pro Version · Support + FAQ · Manual. Other Information: MemTest is a RAM tester that runs under Windows. It verifies that.


Several of the changes include: But never the type to blindly accept test results, strange testing outcomes led us to discover a bug in MemTest86 affecting computers running the new EFI firmware. But there is good news:

MemTest86 – is this right!?!

Features include: More detailed reporting of errors.

WATCH: Bought Memtest86 Pro, but it runs version ??? – PassMark Support Forums

Wondering if this is the “UEFI BIOS bug” I’ve read about. I’ve tested a lot of different ways, but I’ll be succinct. System: ASRock. Jan 4, MemTest86 Free Edition is memory testing software for computers. It boots from a USB flash drive or DVD and tests the RAM in your computer. When I run MemTest Pro on a group of 3 (x2GB ea) Corsair Dominator GT DDR (CMT6GX3M3AC7) memory sticks, I get errors.

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