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Kind of. By Sarah Rense May 21, Want to hook up? So do about a billion other people, and they’re all on hook-up and dating apps. It isn’t just Tinder, anymore. There’s an app for your personality type, your job status, and your level of dedication to the dating game.
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11 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stands & NSA [March 2019]

OS X Do Not Disturb One of the best ways to compromise a computer is with physical access. Many of us have likely left our laptops unattended perhaps in a hotel room while traveling? It’d be nice to know if somebody attempted to hack it! Interested in the inspiration for creating ‘Do Not Disturb’? Do Not Disturb DND continually monitors your system for events that may indicate a precursor of “evil maid” attack. Specifically it watches for ‘lid open’ events idea credit: If you’ve shut your laptop and thus triggered sleep mode , the majority of physical access attacks may require the lid to be opened in order for the attack to succeed.

Such attacks could include: Logging in locally as root, by exploiting a bug such as ‘ iamroot’ Locally logging in via credentials captured by a hidden camera Inserting a malicious device into a USB or Thunderbolt port.

Again, most of these attacks require a closed laptop to be opened As with any security tool, direct or proactive attempts to specifically bypass DND’s protections will likely succeed. Also any attack that does not require opening the lid of closed laptop will remain undetected. Future versions will expand DND’s monitoring and detection capabilities perhaps alerting on power events, USB insertions, etc.

Do Not Disturb, can also detect unauthorized access by less evil adversaries When an unauthorized lid open event is detected DND will locally log this event. It can be configured to: Locally display an alert Remotely send an alert to a registered iDevice Execute a specified action i.

Monitor for interesting events, such as new processes, USB insertions, new logins, etc. Depending on your browser, you may need to manually unzip the application by double-clicking on the zipped archive.

Then, simply double-click on ‘Do Not Disturb Installer. Click ‘Install’ to install the tool. A password is required, as Do Not Disturb installs a persistent launch daemon in order to provide constant monitoring and protection.

The first time the application is installed, a ‘welcome’ screen will be displayed. Clicking thru this will allow you to link DND with a remote iDevice. Note this an optional step, and requires a separate iOS app that can be installed via on your phone via the iOS App Store: The remote alerting and tasking capabilities are implemented in an iOS companion application created by Digita Security an enterprise macOS security company I recently co-founded with friends.

To facilitate these capabilities, a swift framework , ‘dnd’ is linked into the macOS application. At this time, the source code for this framework is unavailable.

Please refer to Digita’s documentation for details about the using the iOS application to remotely receive and respond to DND alerts! Note that if you skip the optional step of linking an iDevice at install time, you may always link a device at a later time.

Note that this process requires an internet connection Once the QR code has been scanned, the phone registration completes automatically: Again, this process is completely optional – but does allow you to receive and respond to DND alerts remotely! Unless configured to run without a status-bar icon, it will appear in the status bar: A password is required in order to stop and fully remove all components of Do Not Disturb.

Do this by opening System Preferences, clicking on ‘Users and Groups’, selecting your user, and clicking on ‘Login Items’. The delete the ‘Do Not Disturb Helper’ login item by selecting it, then pressing delete on your keyboard, or clicking the ‘-‘ in the UI: Next, execute the following commands from a root terminal prompt or via sudo: As noted, this detection involves monitoring your laptop for lid open events. Thus, when you leave your laptop unattended – shut it!

Do Not Disturb, by design, does not differentiate between authorized or unauthorized lid open events. That is to say, it will alert you any time your laptop’s lid is opened unless configured, to ignore upon a successful touch ID authentication event.

Do Not Disturb can be accessed via it’s status bar menu: Via this menu you can: The preference pane has several tabs including general, action, link, and update. The ‘general’ tab, contains various configuration options to control Do Not Disturb. Enabling ‘Passive Mode’ will instruct the application to run without displaying any local alerts.

One might select this option to avoid alerting a a would-be-attacker. DND will still log any lid open events, and if configured will deliver alerts to a remote iDevice. When ‘No Icon’ mode is enabled, the application will run without displaying an icon in the status bar. Select this if you don’t want DND taking up visible space in your status bar.

If your Mac laptop has a touch bar and you’re running macOS When this mode is enabled, DND will ignore any lid open events if proceeded by a successful touch ID authentication event within 10 seconds. The idea is that this allows one to tell DND to trust or ignore a lid event that is a result of you vs. Still if you’d like to disable this capability, check the box next to ‘No Remote Tasking’. Unchecking ‘Start at Login’ will stop the login item from automatically starting when you log in. Note that the component of DND which monitors events will still be running and may deliver remote events.

If you want to fully disable DND, do so via the ‘Disable’ option in the status bar menu. The ‘action’ tab allows one to further configure how Do Not Disturb should react when it detects any lid open event. The ‘Execute Action’ option allows you to specify a command, script, or binary that will be executed upon a lid open event.

For example you might have a custom script the performs an action such as sending an alert via email. For example enter the following, to send an email every time the lid is opened replacing ‘your email. For a more complete approach, see Patrick Huber’s ptrckhbr DND mail script , which uses AppleScript to send out “an email from the default account in Mail.

When enabled the ‘Monitor’ option, instructs DND to log interesting events that proceed a lid open event. Monitoring will automatically stop if the alert is remotely dismissed, or after 3 minute. The ‘link’ tab allows you to link register an iDevice for remote DND alerts. As previously noted, the remote alerting capabilities and iOS application are provided by Digita Security.

Using the iOS application, scan the code in order to complete the registration. Note that this requires an internet connection. Once an iDevice has been registered, DND will remotely deliver alerts to this device. If a device has been previously registered, this tab will show this and any other device.

To register another device, click the ‘Add Device’ button. Unregister a device via the iOS application. The ‘update’ tab, allows one to check for new versions, as well as disable the automatic check for new versions of DND. Created by Digita Security , this optional iOS application allows one to receive remote alerts on a registered linked iDevice: Once you have registered and linked an iDevice by scanning the QR code either in the ‘welcome’ screen or via the ‘link’ tab in the Preference pane , lid open events will be remotely delivered.

On iPhone and iPads one can remotely respond to the alert as the iOS application supports the following: Digita Security is an enterprise macOS security company I recently co-founded with several good friends. The iOS companion application is completely optional, and only required if one is interested in receiving remote DND alerts. Troubleshooting Do Not Disturb has a handful of ‘moving parts’, especially when paired with the iOS companion application.

Generally things work smoothly, but sometimes there are minor bumps! If you’re experiencing any issue, the following might help! Make sure you’re running the latest version of DND. Make sure you’re connected to the internet while generating a QR code to link to a remote iDevice. If an install or upgrade fails, try first uninstalling via the application, or manually.

If the following doesn’t help, shoot us an email at bugs objective-see. Description of the issue. Any DND output from the system log. Then run the following command: It is important to understand that instead of looking for specific types of attacks, DND monitors for lid open events, which are of part of many but not all! This also means that DND only works with laptops, and requires you to shut your laptop when you leave it unattended.

It is a completely optional component. However, it does allow one to receive and respond to notifications remotely if a network connection is present.

I found a bug or issue with Do Not Disturb. Can you fix it? If you encounter any bugs or issues, please shoot me an email at bugs objective-see. Want to support Do Not Disturb?

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The official website for NSA — the National Security Agency National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS). NSA leads the U.S. Government in . The best hookup apps for those looking for something casual, from And when we think dating sites, we usually think about sites like eharmony and Zoosk and. 10 best FWB apps currently available for finding local friends with benefits, it another solid choice for people looking NSA/FWB relationships.

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