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Software licensing[ edit ] A software license is a legal instrument that governs the usage and distribution of computer software. Advanced keygens bypass this mechanism, and include additional features for key verification, for example by generating the validation data which would otherwise be returned by an activation server. If the software offers phone activation then the keygen could generate the correct activation code to finish activation.
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Created with Sketch. My staff are able to manage licenses with ease. FAQs What is Keygen? Keygen is a cloud-based LaaS licensing as a service that provides secure license and entitlement management services, as well as user and identity management for desktop apps and other types of software. Keygen’s primary product is a set of APIs that enable developers to quickly license and distribute their software products. Why was Keygen created?

Keygen aims to make licensing software for small- to medium-businesses easy by letting you ship your product earlier and not waste time building custom licensing servers and managing infrastructure.

Can Keygen help lower support costs? One of the things that makes Keygen unique is that we encourage you to allow your users to manage their own resources i. This not only gives your users freedom to purchase additional licenses directly from within your product without your help offering a great user-experience and potential for more sales!

What licensing models are supported? Keygen supports almost any licensing model: Does Keygen prevent sharing licenses? Keygen offers API endpoints to help you track user machine usage , and license policies can be configured to strict, invalidating licenses that go over any configured machine limit. You can also set license policies to floating to allow licenses to be valid across multiple machines.

Does Keygen prevent cracking? Keygen does nothing to prevent a user from removing your licensing logic altogether if they have access to your application’s code.

In the end, you will have to make the choice on how to deal with cracking by e. Where can I monitor Keygen’s uptime? We strive to provide the highest uptime possible for our customers through a distributed system hosted on battle-tested insfrastructure. You can monitor uptime and average response time for each of Keygen’s services from our status page. Is data within Keygen secure? We strive to ensure that the data stored within Keygen is as secure as possible.

We never store passwords as plain text—they are always hashed and salted securely using bcrypt. We also do the same with all access tokens. We use bit encryption at all levels of our software.

Have additional questions or concerns? Get in touch. Does Keygen work offline? Yes, we support several methods of cryptographically signing or encrypting license keys, which can be verified in offline environments. For more information, check out our API reference. Does Keygen handle distribution? Using Keygen Dist , you can distribute your products to licensed users and even provide auto-updates using industry standard frameworks such as Sparkle, NSIS, Squirrel.

Mac, Squirrel. Windows, and even updates for WordPress plugins and themes. Does Keygen handle payments? No—only licensing. Since products handle payments in a variety of ways and we don’t want to become a payment platform , we have created a webhook system so that you can easily integrate your payment system with our API. Implementation is similar to how you would implement Stripe’s webhook system. Learn more about webhooks. Can I use Keygen for an iOS app?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible at this time to use Keygen for in-app license purchases. But it is possible to use Keygen as a secondary licensing system, as long as it is not advertised in-app i. Can I use Keygen for an Android app? If you’re selling outside of the Google Play Store, then yes, you can use Keygen to handle licensing.

But if you’re selling within the Google Play Store, then unfortunately it isn’t possible at this time to use Keygen for in-app license purchases. Google’s developer policy requires that in-app purchases, such as premium features and add-ons are managed via their native In-App Billing API.

Keygen is enabling us to very quickly get licensing off the ground for a reasonable price. Sign up today, or explore the API. Features work great, no hassle setting things up and we got going within a few hours. This service is highly recommended!

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Whatsapp key file generator How to solve problems with KEY files? Associate the KEY file extension with the correct application. It also activates great number of additional software.

WATCH: HackTool:MSIL/Keygen threat description -Windows Defender Security Intelligence

Windows Defender Antivirus detects and removes this threat. Hacktools can be used to patch or “crack” some software so it will run without a valid license or. Mar 15, Keygen – A dead-simple software licensing API built for developers. (Web App, APIs, and Developer Tools) Read the opinion of 14 influencers. · CONTACT US. THANK YOU. Your activation link has been sent. > Sign in. Sign in with your email address. Email address. show text. Password.

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