Filmora Action Cam Tool

Locate Lens Correction and make sure that the checkbox next to it is marked. In the Lens Correction menu, select your action camera model from the Select Profile drop-down menu and select the video resolution from the drop-down menu directly below it. Afterwards, the software will automatically perform the fisheye correction.
filmora action cam tool

Filmora Review 2018 – The Unique Features of Filmora

Instant Cutter: Easy Mode: It is a semi-automatic kind of mode with in-built themes and music tracks. All you have to do is select the clips you want to edit and then select a theme based on your content. The theme includes great effects, captions and transitions and after that you can select the audio tracks available in the editor or you can even upload other audio files as per your choice and you are done!!!

The results are amazing and your boring video transforms into a stunning and fun video without much efforts. Full Feature Mode: Full Feature Mode This mode gives you full control over your video and consists of variety of tools and hundreds of effects and transitions.

The user interface is very simple and has a three panel layout one for source content, one for video preview and a timeline across the bottom. Here are the highlight features of this mode: The Basics: Split Video: You can split large video files into several small clips for better editing.

Rotate Video: Crop Video: You can change the frame ratio and crop the video to desired area. Trim Video: You can delete the unwanted part of the video by trimming it accurately.

Speed Control: You can create fast motion and slow motion video by speeding up or slowing down the video. Adjust Brightness: You can make the video brighter or darker by adjusting the brightness level. Edit Audio: Adjust Volume: You can mute the video clip and increase or decrease the audio volume in video. Edit Image: You can enhance the image by editing and applying filters, overlays, transitions, PIP and more. You can use Ken Burns effect to add smooth panning and zooming movements to video image.

Play Reverse: You can play video backwards easily. Stabilize Video: You can eliminate the effects of a shaky camera for a stabilized video. Color Tuning: You can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast etc.

Enhance Video: It allows you to activate the audio denoise and auto enhance the selected clip. Scene Detach: It detects the whole video and split them based on different scenes. Green Screen: You can easily superimpose subjects to different virtual background video clips. Picture in Picture: You can layer multiple video clips to display different scenes simultaneously.

Add Mosaic: You can hide the private or improper part of the video with mosaic effect. Tilt Shift: With this you can draw focus to a certain part of the video and blur the rest.

Mix Audios: It helps you to adjust multiple tracks for the video on timeline. Detach Audio: You can detach and extract the original audio track from the videos. You can make your videos more stylish by using filters available in Filmora. Supports 4K Filmora supports videos that have up to 4K resolution and exporting them is easy as well.

For saving your time Filmora supports direct sharing to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. For commercial license you have to pay according to the number of PCs. It has a clean interface as well as lots of effects, filters, transitions etc. I hope this article helps you and if you are still confused you can always take a free trial on their website and buy it when you are fully convinced.

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12 Best Alternatives to Filmora

How to use Action Cam Tool in Filmora Video Editor. The Action Cam Tool is a toolbox designed for action cam users to help fix and edit your high-res videos easily and quickly!. Filmora is an easy and powerful video editing tool to edit Action Cam Tool with the capability of Lens distortion correction, Video Stabilization.

Instant Cutter Tool

Filmora is a solid app that gives you the features and styles that have been previously only available to professional film makers that have a certain level of experience and the expensive applications to match. Filmora has a simple drag and drop interface, which gives you the freedom to be artistic with the story that you want to create. Key features:

Free Download Filmora Full Version and Get Free Registration Code

Creating tutorial videos is one of the best ways to showcase more complicated photography techniques, and high-quality video editing is an essential element for making the learning process as smooth as possible. I also have extensive experience working with all types of PC software from small open source programs to industry standard software suites, so I can easily recognize a well-designed, high-quality program.

WATCH: Action Cam Tool | Filmora Video Editor

Action Camera Tools: make exciting GoPro/action cam videos with precise speed controls, video stabilization, and fish-eye lens correction. You can download a trial version of Filmora from their site. You will also see the Action Cam Tool and Full Feature Mode options; we will. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor helps you leverage video Impressive action cam tool that allows easy merging of video footages.

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