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Betternet VPN Premium 4.1.1 With Patch

High-quality support Link up to 5 devices. Signing up for the 7-day free trial can be a good idea if you want to see what the premium version has for you in terms of speed and versatility.

With its mere 17 server locations in 10 countries, Betternet VPN cannot claim global coverage as its strong point for sure. In fact, this provider may have the smallest server fleet in the Solar system.

No kidding. To be frank, Betternet VPN is good for one thing: But can you imagine how overloaded those few servers can get when 38 million users try to stream HD videos or play online games?

Of course, we must add that the premium service may actually provide better speeds and more locations to have a variety of options when you cannot connect to a server.

So, keep that in mind. Bypass geographical content restrictions. Browse the web anonymously: Betternet and online privacy may not fit into the same sentence, to be frank.

The Android Betternet VPN app was found to be the 4th worst and most dangerous according to a study last year To automatically protect unsafe wifi hotspot connections. To watch streaming videos: You may also want to think again before you decide to use Betternet for torrents. Journalists, travelers, activists, and hackers can forget about using both the free and the paid versions of this VPN software because of privacy issues. But, would you prefer to have the honor of being the first one?

Since there are a few differences between the free and the premium Betternet VPN solutions, we decided to introduce their use separately. Free version As we have already explained, you can start using the forever free Betternet VPN software after canceling the pop-up window that offers the 7-day trial after the very first launch of the app. Once your VPN program is running, the free version lets you connect to one of the automatically assigned American servers.

Basically, you cannot change or choose the server locations manually. You will connect to an optimal server by default when you click the Connect or OFF button depending on the client you are using. When you try to press the Select Virtual Location or the Get Priority Connection button it appears while trying to connect , you will see the list of the 10 country locations.

If you click any of them, you will find yourself on a screen with the premium plans to order. At least, when you are using the Windows or Mac OS clients because the Chrome extension actually lets you choose different server location. But, we must add that this extension is very fishy and keeps dropping connections like Eminem his word bombs. The Betternet free VPN may try to connect to overcrowded servers, which makes its use questionable on many occasions. Your connection to the default server may take several times to finally succeed and it may drop occasionally, too.

So, in general, you will probably experience worse speeds than with the premium VPN. Remember that the free VPN can only be used on one single device and it is filled with generic third-party advertisements and promotional videos. So, when you click the Select Virtual Location button and the list of countries appears, you can now choose your preferred country.

Now you can fake your location as desired for whatever reason you may need that. The variety of settings you can configure is rather disappointing. While Betternet VPN is clearly one of the most user-friendly apps, it is also one of the least equipped. This may be a bit too poor for even novice VPN users. Betternet VPN seems to have lots of connection issues; well, no wonder, to be frank. However, a good, responsive, and helpful support could make a change.

Since some users appear to be able to use it without major issues, you may also get lucky with this VPN software. Nevertheless, if you are more serious and concerned about your online security and privacy, we suggest that you do your research well before committing yourself to a service. Recommended related posts:

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You can use their free app to hide your IP, but not much more. I almost never recommend free VPNs over paid ones. Free VPNs, such as Betternet can have a tendency to sell your data, show you lots of ads, not be as secure, and not perform as well. Betternet says that it does things a bit differently and protects your privacy and security better than the other free VPNs out there.

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This VPN gets to work as soon as you download the app, so receiving assistance of this application, ensure that your web browsing experience is secure. It works on single-click bases, so you only need to make one click to connect it and then start surfing right away on the web securely! Users may have a range of different reasons as to why they employ the VPN as this can be used to access the online content locked for certain regions or to simply just avoid being tracked.

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