After the state-sponsored mass deportations—the first in the modern era—who would cultivate the land? The s, if not precisely , represented the peak of the interstate slave trade, with a quarter of a million enslaved people marched or shipped west to labor on fields that only a few years earlier had belonged to Native Americans. In Congress, pro-slavery politicians refused to hear anti-slavery petitions, passing the first gag rule in May

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After years of prosperity and development, there had been disaster at an unimaginable scale. The Second World War left the city utterly ruined — both physically and spiritually. It lost citizens who had been creating its greatness for many generations. Then new citizens arrived. Frightened, uncertain of the future, alienated.

Brought together from many regions of the post-war country, for years they built their identity, creating their own culture. It took a long time before we accepted German, Jewish and Polish heritage lived here as one. It took a long time, but we did that. Today, we can proudly say, not neglecting the achievements of our forbearers, that we have built a new city.

We want to talk about our past and our present. About how life can grow from ruins and human tragedies. It will be a holiday. Our activities begun in allow for the co-creation of culture which is closer to people, more accessible and touching on myriad areas of life. We use many models — our cultural heritage, multiculturalism and openness — but also an awareness of innovation and the need for sustainable development. This process transforms the city, proving that all activity is possible.

A diversity of autonomous curators and of cultural environments. Building at once a programme and a chance to participate in it. And finally — it means many ways of understanding culture, and also of undertaking the shared task of developing through it.

Access to culture and participation What we aspire to: Culture and development What we aspire to: European cultural variety will be more readily presented in actions by the culture sector. Image What we aspire to:

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United States – Calendar with American holidays. Yearly calendar showing months for the year Calendars – online and print friendly – for any year. People talk about being a particularly disastrous year, but for a historian, there’s nothing new about people fighting for power or useless. 4 days ago DONALD TRUMP’S bigotry is such an established part of American public discourse that, in retrospect, one of the most febrile debates of

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Flipboard Governor not ‘guide’ or ‘mentor’ to assembly speaker: SC in verdict in Arunachal case In , the apex court had held as unconstitutional the decision of Arunachal Pradesh governor J P Rajkhowa to advance the floor test. PTI Jul 19, , As the Karnataka governor gave two deadlines to the chief minister to prove his majority, a Supreme Court verdict assumes significance in which it had held that it is not within the governor’s domain to interfere with the functions of the Speaker as he is “neither a guide, nor a mentor” to the latter. In , the apex court had held as unconstitutional the decision of Arunachal Pradesh governor J P Rajkhowa to advance the floor test.

It’d have to be worse than 1348. And 1836. And 1919 …

Premises of the cycle The aim of the cycle is to produce comparative material for Chopin studies, to address issues that are important in Chopin’s music and to examine to what extent, if at all, and in what way they function also in the music of other composers of his times. In seeking to satisfy those premises, over the period , we plan to focus on the following themes: The aspects highlighted in discussions of this issue include similarities in the shaping of melodic lines, the adoption of modes of articulation portamento and thematic affinities between particular works.

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3 days ago In , the apex court had held as unconstitutional the decision of Arunachal Pradesh governor J P Rajkhowa to advance the floor test. Provisional Selection List for the Post of Laboratory Technician Gr III, Marks Scored by the Candidates in Assistant Surgeon (General) Examination Angular Hero of Product Best Angular Product for Small Business. SoftwarePlant – BigPicture. ngAwards Angular Hero of Community

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